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Why Become Rated?

Gilchrist Standard has been designed to provide a comprehensive indication of the quality of an insurance broker in the form of a rating, which allows brokers to demonstrate their excellence in an instant. This rating will allow stakeholders to easily understand the profile of prospective partners. 

The rating process is broadly applicable. It does not discriminate based on the size of an organisation, its age or available resources. The process is also objective and standardised, which means that all organisations are measured against the same framework.


Why become rated?

Brokers that undergo the Gilchrist Standard rating process will benefit from:

  • A clearer understanding of their operation, strengths and risks, relative to industry peers and an agreed ideal standard.
  • An action plan, highlighting the areas of greatest concern, which allows the organisation to mitigate risks before issues arise.
  • A chance to demonstrate operational excellence to prospective stakeholders and clients.
  • The ability to build longer-term value into the organisation by maintaining or enhancing the rating overtime.