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Self Assessment

The most popular method of completing the Gilchrist Standard is the self-assessment. It is set at a flat rate for all firms regardless of size. 

Brokers wishing to undergo the self-assessment should contact the team at Gilchrist Standard.  

Once the invoice is issued, you will be issued with a log in to the platform. 

When you have completed your self-assessment, our team will review your answers and run them through our ratings engine to generate your Gilchrist Standard rating and report. This will then be emailed to you.

Auditor Supported

Firms may wish to book some time with a Gilchrist Standard auditor to complete the ratings process. This session will be completed over the telephone or via webinar and the auditor will be able to talk you and your team through the question set. The auditor can take into account the feedback provided and the auditor will be available to present and discuss the report outcomes. 

This auditor-led assessment is more suited to larger firms who may have multiple individuals needed to complete the process.