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Give customers a reason to trust you with their insurance needs


The Gilchrist Standard has been designed to provide a comprehensive and independent indication of the quality of an insurance broker. This allows you to demonstrate your professional standards in an instant. 


Why sign-up?

Delivered online. Designed to be quick and concise.

Gilchrist Standard Benefits

A Better Understanding

You will benefit from a better understanding of your strengths and risks, relative to industry peers and an agreed ideal standard. 

Operational Resilience

Operational Resilience

Your rating will provide you with the chance to demonstrate operational resilience and excellence to your customers and partners. 

Receive a clear action plan

Receive a Clear Action Plan

Your report highlights the areas of greatest concern, which allows you to mitigate the risks before issues arise. 

Sustainable Business Development

Sustainable Business Development

You will benefit from the ability to build longer-term value into your brokerage by maintaining and enhancing your rating over time. 

A Stamp of Quality

The Gilchrist Standard rates insurance brokers against a consistent, objective and fair set of standards. It is an effective solution that will help your business understand how to mitigate risks, whatever your size. A Gilchrist Standard rating is a sign that your firm understands the importance of raising professional standards and that the senior management is committed to making improvements to conduct risk. 

Your rating is an indication of quality that can be shared with your customers and trading partners. 

Self-Assessment £495 + VAT
Auditor Supported £1,200 + VAT
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